Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleepless in DE & Max

That's a happy but tired Mako in this picture. We had a totally disrupted week due to Punch's bout with diarrhea. She woke us up repeatedly for several nights in a row. Mako even had to get into the act! "Oh yeah, I need to go, too! But not at the same time that she does!" said the evil Airedale. I think that she had a reaction to a new food - a can of Innova's EVO - that I tried to introduce into their diet over several days. Poor Punchie couldn't tolerate, of all things, rabbit! And she's a rabbit dog. After the the diarrhea didn't resolve itself, a trip to the vet brought relief to Punch and sleep to the rest of us. Thank heaven for modern medicine!

I'm working on several portraits right now that I love but I'm especially excited that I will soon be starting work on a portrait of Max - CH Evermay's Maximum Overdrive. He is such a handsome fellow - absolutely stunning. This is such an honor! He's the top winning Airedale in history with over 100 Best in show wins. Mako has even had the honor of competing against Max at the Westminster Kennel Club show in 2006. Max won breed. I've watched the video over and over - gotta see my boy - and one thing that really struck me was Max seemed to have such a sweet personality. He smiled at his handler, Jenny Wornall, with such affection. Not only did it show that he enjoyed being in the ring but it really showed that he also has one of the Airedale's most important attributes - a charming personality!

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