Monday, November 16, 2009

Images from the ATCGP Fall Hike

The day in Chester Springs, PA was all a blur to Mako - intense smells, new dogs and virgin territory to mark. The event was the Airedale Terrier Club of Greater Philadelphia's annual Fall Hike. Punch had the honor of being the only non-Airedale present and she acted as if she belonged with a pack of terriers. The scents were so intense that she couldn't resist pulling to such an extent that she kept choking herself. We would have to pause until the oxygen supply returned to her Peeb brain. I love the sense of Airedale energy in the above photo. Not only is there an image of Mako in a blur of activity but his shadow has the classic Airedale profile bordered by moving ADT feet.

Mako and Punch are used to walking together so it was natural to bring Punch to the club's hike. She couldn't have been happier. Here they are in pursuit of an Airedalian shadow belonging to Dutch (Harper). Dutch is only 9 months old but he fit in as if he had always known the other dogs. His people are Fran and Gregg Harper, who joined us for the hike after attending the Philadelphia Kennel Club Show. Dutch has been participating in agility which is a great outlet for the manic energy of a 9 month old Airedale. He may became a show dog, too. Actually, he was so well-behaved that I forgot that he was such a youngster!

Dutch recently gave Fran and Greg a big scare when he decided to try swallow some pantyhose. He soon discovered that they aren't exactly a consumable and luckily for him, the pantyhose stopped moving just before it got into his Airedale stomach. Fran and Greg took quick action and rushed him to an emergency room where they were able to extract the pantyhose from inside the canine gourmet without surgery. You can spot Dutch in the pictures by the shaved ring around his front leg.

Punch was fascinated by all the ducks and geese on the pond. The ducks were diving into the water and splashing around in such a way that the dogs just had to take notice. As soon as the other dales showed up, they forgot all about the waterfowl.

The young girl posing in the picture with Dutch and his people is Jillian - ATCGP Secretary Barbara Vaughn's granddaughter. Jillian is very dog-savvy and knew just how to charm Punch and Mako. It's such a pleasure to be in the company of a young person who fits in with the dogs in such a way that you don't have to worry about them startling them. She knows the proper way to interact with dogs and I praise the adults in her life who took the time to teach her. Plus, she's a great kid too!

I'll be looking at these images this winter, visually recalling the warmth of the sunlight as I yearn for the return of spring. Oh, and those gorgeous blue skies will look especially vibrant in the gray winter days to come...